Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MoVend?
A: MoVend is a global mobile in-app payments solution that aggregates well-known payment providers into a single package, including Android Market In-app Billing, Amazon Payments, Carrier Billing PayPal and many other popular forms of payments.

Q: Why use MoVend?
A: MoVend allows developers to save a huge amount of time and resources that are usually needed to integrate multiple payments. Using MoVend, developers only need to integrate once to enable all available payment options used by millions of consumers worldwide.

    Key Benefits:
  • Save time by enabling multiple payments in just 10 minutes
  • Effortlessly distribute your apps worldwide to over 30 million Android users.
  • Improve your sales using a powerful business dashboard
To learn more about MoVend’s features, check out Our Solution.

Q: Who is Stream Media?
A: MoVend is the flagship product of Stream Media Pte Ltd, a leading mobile solutions company based in Singapore, the technological hub of South-East Asia. The company, founded by Chua Zi Yong in 2009, has a vision to help businesses bring their products and services onto mobile as quickly and as easily as possible.

In February 2011, Stream Media received $1 million in Series A funding from Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) and Stream Global. Today, the company has 15 employees with more than 500 developers using our platform and we have published over 700 apps. MoVend is working with clients in USA, China, Singapore and other markets in Asia.